Maqbool ur Rahim

Maqbool ur Rahim

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Mocking AngularJS: How to create our own watch function

AngularJS is awesome! Yeah, it is, even after so many competitors it still did not lose its value and manages to be on top of others. So we all love it and wonder how it can be so cool, same goes for me. The one thing I really inspired with is Angular's watch function which automatically gets called when object bind with $scope got changed. So it's inevitable for me to learn how watch function works and by learning this I come up with the idea that how I can create my own simple watch function with simple JavaScript.

Add WhatsApp Share Button On Your Website

As we all know most of users now uses their smartphone to access our website and usually our website can easily have Facebook, Google+ and Twitter button but now WhatsApp messenger is also a very popular social media platform and if we know most of our users are using mobile to access our site then why should not we put a WhatsApp share button on our web?