As we all know most of users now uses their smartphone to access our website and usually our website can easily have Facebook, Google+ and Twitter button but now WhatsApp messenger is also a very popular social media platform and if we know most of our users are using mobile to access our site then why should not we put a WhatsApp share button on our web?

Putting WhatsApp share button is very easy you just need to create a special link
But remember, WhatsApp share button will only work on mobile phone(common sense) 

here are the simple steps

first create a link
<a href="">Share on WhatsApp</a>

now add below line in href


<a href="whatsapp://send?text=">Share on WhatsApp</a>
now add your text after = sign but remember message should be ENCODED as i want my text to be
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so i must ENCODED this text before going to set as text!
To encode text use this tool after encoding, your text would be like

now all set! we ready to finalize our WhatsApp share button :) so now copy encoded string and paste after text= as

<a href="whatsapp://send?">Share on WhatsApp</a>

Now every time someone click on this link it will open up WhatsApp and send message to selected contact or group as

Here you go we are done! now if you have any question comment below and i will definitely answer you back ;)